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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Week Two

The drive today was the familiar one on gameday - the LIE to the Midtown Tunnel, across Manhattan to the Lincoln Tunnel, and then Route 3 to Giants Stadium.

But I didn't get off 3 West at the stadium exit. Instead I drove another five or six miles to Clifton for the funeral of a colleague who was around to watch Week 1 of this NFL season but on Thursday morning was somehow suddenly gone.

The funeral started at 1, so I could have done both. I could have gone to the funeral, offered my condolences and paid my respects, and afterward made the short drive from Clifton to Giants Stadium in time for the 4:15 kickoff. Likely, that's what Rich would have suggested I do.

Instead I sold the tickets - to a Patriots fan. After the funeral and a stop at Rich's home in Bloomfield, I headed back, driving past the stadium - at 3:30 then starting to fill up - and went home.

There will be other Sundays to go to Jets games.

I did watch the game. Favre was inconsistent and threw a terrible INT. The kicking game was abysmal. The playcalling was poor - especially the three consecutive runs with 1st and goal at the 3. Lots of terrible penalties were committed. Overall, the game convinced me that my preseason 8-8 prediction was on target. The only positive I can think of was the play of Chansi Stuckey, who looks like the Jets' number 3 WR.

There will be other Sundays to commiserate after a frustrating Jets (and Mets) loss.

Today for me is a day to reflect on the wins and the losses that I experienced with Rich, on our many, many office conferences, on the thousands of late-night and early morning e-mails we exchanged. On the untimely loss of a fine man and a fine lawyer.