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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Mets Analysis - Part 3: The Pitching Staff

1. Pedro Martinez is thankfully probably gone, but I would not be against the Mets keeping the door slightly open. If no market emerges for Pedro, and he is willing to come back for a heavily incentive-based contract with a low base salary, he might still provide some upside. But otherwise, his career as a Met must be over.

2. Oliver Perez has 2009 free agent bust written all over him. Nevertheless, if the Mets can sign him in the 4 year/$50 million range, they should. If he somehow can get 5 year/$75 million, the Mets must pass.

3. C.C. Sabathia would obviously be a great addition, but it ain't gonna happen.

4. For years the Mets have refused to move Aaron Heilman from the bullpen, claiming he's too valuable there.

Now that Heilman's only value is to opposing hitters, the Mets will likely dump him for nothing.

If Braden Lopper can be a competent starter, Heilman - who has better stuff than Looper - certainly should be given a similar opportunity. Rather than spend $10 million on a .500 pitcher with an ERA in the 4.50 range, the Mets should make Heilman their number 5 starter.

5. Supposedly, Johan Santana and John Maine will both be fully recovered from their surgeries in time for spring training. Most likely that will be the case, but I'll remain concerned until seeing them actually pitch.

6. How is El Duque's post-surgery rehab coming along?

7. If the Mets don't sign Perez, presumably they will bring in someone like Derek Lowe, Ryan Dempster or A.J. Burnett, though none will be reasonably priced.

8. Too bad the Mets ignored my pleas last offseason to sign Kyle Lohse, who had a very good season and has now signed a long-term deal with the Cards.

9. I'm not convinced that K-Rod is the answer to the Mets bullpen problems. Of course, the Mets must get involved in the K-Rod sweepstakes, but they should not feel a need to sign him.

Brian Fuentes will likely be Omar Minaya's fallback option if the Mets don't sign Rodriguez. Fuentes is a good reliever, but again, the Mets should not break the bank for him.

10. The Mets' biggest failure in recent years has been their failure to develop young relievers. Except for Joe Smith, none have been given a real chance to perform. That has to change.