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Sunday, October 19, 2008
Week 7

1. All Brett Favre did this week and last was dink and dunk.

2. Favre's constant turnovers deep in opponent territory are inexcusable - even if not surprising. He also holds on to the ball too long and never throws the ball away.

3. Alan Faneca has been a huge disappointment considering how much cap space he'll be taking for years to come. Generally, the pass protection was terrible.

4. Even though Favre was awful, Brian Schottenheimer's playcalling in overtime was a joke. It seemed like the Jets were playing for a tie. Why no playaction passes?

5. While the offense, coaching and special teams were primarily responsible for the loss, the defense failed to force a turnover and allowed big gains on key runs and screen passes, as well as the overtime completions on the final drive.
6. Eric Mangini is in over his head. He has a decent football IQ - higher than Herm Edwards, for example - but he's no Bill Belichick when it comes to X's and O's. And he doesn't motivate his players or cause them to fear him.

7. Simply put, the Jets are a mediocre team, even if a soft schedule and a weak AFC keeps them in wildcard contention.