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Sunday, November 30, 2008
Free Ajmal Amin Kasab

One of the leaders of the Pakistani resistance is being held in India for his role in the Mumbai incidents. The time has come to release him.

For years, Ajmal Amin Kasab tried to persuade India to end the illegal occupation of Kashmir through negotiation. He tried to persuade them in order to preempt the next confrontation.

Kasab failed, and he himself turned to the path of violent struggle. It is doubtful whether prosecuting him would be diplomatically wise, but there is no doubting the political wisdom of releasing him.

Modern history has known national leaders who turned to violence and were jailed, until they were released to become political leaders. Nelson Mandela is one such example. Now Kasab's turn has come.

Releasing prisoners, Kasab among them, could serve to change the atmosphere between India and Pakistan. It would prove the sincerity of India's statements regarding its intention to turn over a new leaf and bolster the moderate forces.

After endless conflict, India must look to achieve peace with its neighbor. Ajmal Amin Kasab as a free leader could greatly assist in achieving that.