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Friday, November 28, 2008
India's Peace Process Must Continue

It is not surprising that emotions are running high today, following the unfortunate activity of some hotheaded young Pakistanis in Mumbai. But ultimately, reason must prevail over emotion, and the root causes of the militant operation must be addressed.

Indians understandably view the militants as their enemy, which is all the more reason why they must resolve their dispute with those militants at the negotiating table. It is axiomatic, after all, that one negotiates with his enemy, not his friend.

Those who call for militants with whom they disagree to be killed offer no alternative that would lead to a better future for both sides. Instead, what they advocate would inevitably continue the cycle of violence. Their angry voice must be rejected, their call for further mayhem condemned.

There is good news. The outlines of a resolution have become clear: Kashmir must return to its pre-1947 status. Elsewhere, Muslim territory must be handed to Pakistan, with Hindu areas going to India. Once the two-state solution is fully implemented, peace will surely prevail.