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Thursday, November 13, 2008
Week 11

Very good job by the offense, led by Brett Favre, to overcome coaching decisions that surely horrified even Herm Edwards.

First, up 24-6 and with the ball late in the 2nd quarter, Eric Mangini elected to go super-conservative and give the ball right back to the Patriots. Then, to ensure that the Patriots would score a TD before halftime, the defense played a soft zone, letting New England march right down the field before Dwight Lowery did his usual awful impersonation of an NFL cornerback.

Mangini was then totally unable to keep up with Bill Belichick's halftime adjustments, as New England came right back to tie the game.

But it was the defensive playcalling on the Patriots' tying drive at the end of regulation that was truly incredible in its idiocy, indeed representing absolutely the worst coaching I have ever seen. And I watched Herm Edwards for five years.

The Jets were extremely lucky to win the overtime coin toss. Otherwise, thanks to Mangini and the again clueless Bob Sutton, tonight would have been one of the worst losses in the tortured history of the New York Jets.

Tonight's great victory is badly marred by the removal of any lingering doubt that the Jets' coaching staff is sorely lacking in common sense.