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Thursday, December 04, 2008
Front de libération du Québec

We at The Zionist Conspiracy are proud to offer the following guest post by McGill University senior Adam Brander. Adam's piece first appeared as a letter to the editor in the McGill Tribune.

Michel Lafleur states that "Quebec secession groups are overwhelmingly not motivated by racism against North Americans." Perhaps. But in evaluating the empirical truth of that claim, we should look at what occurred at the lecture about anti-Canadaism, which was the impetus for Mr. Lafleur's article.

During the presentation, several Front de libération du Québec members in the audience were publicly defending a poster which likened The Maple Leaf to Elmo, as well as a cartoon depicting Stephen Harper as a French (fry) eating monster of "sloppy seconds." Someone in the crowd even praised the cartoon (which also included a depiction of actress Elisha Cuthbert) as "beautiful."

Surely this goes beyond opposition to any particular policy of the State of Canada with regard to Quebec, but instead demonizes the very notion of a State of Canada. If Michel Lafleur is truly sincere in his opposition to racism, than he should have condemned this barefaced bigotry, which is only discrediting the cause of a free, liberated independent Quebec.

Lest one think that this letter is coming from some radical Canadian nationalist, let me say that I strongly support the two-state solution and an end to the occupation of Quebec. I hope for a respectable Québécoise movement that will have the courage to stand up for the human rights of every Quebecer instead of simply attacking Canada's very existence.

I'm still waiting.

Adam Brander