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Sunday, December 14, 2008
Week 15

1. The Jets would be a real contender if only they didn't have a noodle-armed QB who floats passes into double coverage, underthrows his WR by ten yards, and turns a TD into an INT.

Hold on a second - Chad Pennington is not the Jets quarterback anymore?

Brett Favre is?!

Hey, sure Favre throws the occasional interception (17 so far this season), but that's part of what makes him so great!

And Favre did bounce back from that INT when he led the Jets to a field goal after taking over on the Bills 20 following a Jets fumble recovery.

He also was solid on his final drive, when Leon Washington returned a kickoff to midfield, and Favre drove the Jets into Bills territory, before the drive stalled at the 48.

Anyway, you can't judge Favre based on stats. Or based on inaccurate passes. Or turnovers. Or the lack of any deep game - something that Pennington (playing with the same WRs, but without Dustin Keller) was bashed about.

Favre's all about intangibles.

Here's the real deal: Favre looks old and tired.

2. No, I am not happy with the win - though it's admittedly preferable to a loss.

WWPT is my approach. That stands for What Would Parcells Think?

I think Parcells would think the Jets played poorly again and deserved to lose. And he'd have said so after the game.

3. Bob Sutton is a joke. When he blitzes, good things frequently happen. But he almost never does. Kerry Rhodes is not allowed to make plays anymore (and he forgot how to tackle and how to cover in the meantime). Even Calvin Pace dropped back on most pass plays.

Romeo Crennel please.

4. Why do opposing kickers always make long field goals against the Jets?

5. Reggie Hodges is awful - much worse than the mediocre Ben Graham was.

6. Terrible job by Washington shying away from two obvious fair catches, thereby twice pinning the Jets inside their own 3.

7. How many times will the Jets punt return unit allow successful fake punts?

8. Vernon Gholston looks like he will be the worst draft pick in Jets history. Lam Jones, Blair Thomas, Kyle Brady and DeWayne Robertson were big time busts, but they each at least had a handful of moments.