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Sunday, January 18, 2009
The Gaza Invasion and the Ceasefire

From the comfort of New York, I have no standing to criticize the decision of Israel's government to end its military operation in Gaza.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but feel that Israel will have to again go back into Gaza, and that its soldiers and civilians - and the other side's civilians too - will pay a far heavier price then. Inevitably, the price paid in diplomatic standing and international opinion will be similarly higher.

The IDF operation exposed Hamas for the paper tiger it is. Hamas is a terror group, not a real army.

But that could change.

The government's stated objectives for the 2006 Lebanon War - to crush Hezbollah and to secure the return of the kidnapped soldiers - were unrealistic, and along with the high casualty rate, as a result the war appeared to be a debacle.

In contrast, the Olmert government didn't offer any specific objectives for the Gaza operation, and so, with the comparably lower casualty rate, the operation could be called a success.

I think Olmert got it backwards. With Hezbollah, the goal should have been deterrence via airstrikes that would occur at an unexpected time. With Hamas, a crushing victory - like the crushing of terror in Judea and Samaria in 2002 - was within Israel's grasp.