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Monday, February 16, 2009
The Olmert Government's Final Act Of Madness

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday said freeing Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a captured Israeli soldier would be a "major mistake" and said there can be no negotiations with the "bloody organization."

-Associated Press, July 10, 2006

Israel's apparent willingness to release from prison all of the leading Hamas murderers (along with leading Fatah murderers like Marwan Barghouti) in exchange for Gilad Shalit is stunning in its stupidity. Those slated for release are responsible for all of the devastating suicide bombings, like those of Sbarro, the Park Hotel and the Moment cafe.

These terrorists were captured in risky and at times costly IDF operations. Following their release, there is no doubt that they will resume terrorism.

Israel will again be sending a message that murdering dozens of its citizens will result in just a few years in prison.

Olmert's initial refusal to negotiate was also foolish. There is an appropriate price to be paid for Israelis captured by the enemy. And while it is impossible to quantify the exact number of terrorists that would be appropriate to exchange for Gilad Shalit, it should not be difficult to understand that freeing all of the leading Hamas terrorists is, to say the least, not in the interest of the State of Israel.

Alas, very few are saying this, apparently because most do not want to appear as being insensitive to Shalit's fate.

Israelis and Israel's friends will be joyed to see Shalit reunited with his family and back home in Israel. But Israel's government has a country to run. It must not overlook the days, months and years afterward.

How many more soldiers will be captured because of Israel's willingness to pay any price for their release? How many Israeli civilians will be blown up by the terrorist masterminds? How many IDF soldiers will die in military operations to again capture these terrorists?