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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Welcome Back, Bibi

Pending the counting of the soldiers' vote, which should add to the right-wing's margin of victory, the vote tallies clearly show that the new Israeli government will be headed by Prime Minister-Elect Binyamin Netanyahu.

For a party that loves big numbers (97 percent land giveaway; hundreds of terrorists per kidnapped soldier - whether dead or alive), Kadima apparently has forgotten simple arithmetic. With a Likud-led bloc of around 65 Knesset seats, only Netanyahu will be able to lead a coalition. If Kadima wants to be in the government, it will be as Likud's senior partner - but with Netanyahu leading the country.

Kadima finished strong and did better than expected, but only because former Labor and Meretz supporters instead voted for Kadima. Ariel Sharon's purported center-right party is the new Labor. Kadima's declarations of victory - aided initially by a giddy Israeli media - ring hollow. Perhaps Tzipi Livni and her friends have been listening too closely to Hamas and its false bravado in the aftermath of defeat.

The future will bring many challenges, but today was a positive step forward for Israel in its quest for secure borders.