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Sunday, March 01, 2009
Jets Free Agency Analysis

Some brief thoughts on the Jets' early moves from LA, where the media has been ignoring the NFL:

-I wasn't happy that the Jets cut Brandon Moore, so am glad that he's back. I don't know the details on his contract, specifically whether it's more or less favorable than the one the Jets waived him from.

-I think the Jets should have made more of an effort to keep Chris Baker.

-The Lito Sheppard trade is a good move, but I don't get why the Jets needed to give him a large contract extension with major guaranteed money. The Saints approach with Jonathan Vilma - pay him later if he performs - seems like a better idea to me.

-Bart Scott is a good player but not a great one. His contract is huge, but that's the price the Jets had to pay, and it did fill a need.

-Jim Leonhard would be a good signing, filling another need at DB, and for a reasonable price.

-I'm okay with letting Laveranues Coles go. It didn't make sense to extend him, and he'd probably have pouted all year. But it's frustrating that he'll be staying in the division, probably in Miami.

-Bringing back Tony Richardson was a no-brainer.

-How is the market for Mike Nugent?

-The Jets' holes are now in their passing game. With the defense-led team Rex Ryan is trying to build, the perfect QB would be Chad Pennington.