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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Change Of Venue

For nearly five years I have posted on a wide variety of topics at The Zionist Conspiracy. The time has come for some changes that, I am confident, will provide a significant upgrade from this site.

After Passover - just in time for the NFL draft and the NHL playoffs - The Zionist Conspiracy will shut down, to be replaced by two new sites.

One site will include posts about sports. I will be joined by at least two (and possibly as many as four) knowledgeable fans, who will offer their own unique commentary about the Mets, Jets, Rangers and Nets - and even the Yankees, Giants and Knicks, and on occasion, perhaps the Devils too.

A second site will present two additional bloggers, and will cover Israel, politics, and Jewish life.

Posts about Morton Downey, Jr. will be absent, to nobody's chagrin.

The advantages are obvious. Readers interested in sports will no longer have to muddle through posts about Israel, and vice versa. And the addition of new bloggers with different viewpoints will allow for intelligent discussion and debate.

More details will follow shortly.