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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Four More Comments

1. Regarding Zionism, the theology of religious Jews is obsolete. The charedi anti-Zionist view became irrelevant after the founding of the State of Israel. The theology of religious Zionism was relevant and perhaps even necessary when charedim actively opposed Zionism, but today its dubious dogmas limit its credibility.

2. When I was a yeshiva student, there was a prevailing view that Jews are smarter than other people.

Over the years, I have largely dismissed that view, but prejudices of one's youth do not easily disappear completely. Happily, reading the comments on Jewish news sites has cured me of any notion that Jews overall are smarter (or less stupid) than any other group.

3. Henrik Lundqvist is not a franchise goalie. He has never carried the Rangers to a playoff series victory.

4. Citi Field is okay. Better than Shea, but nothing special if you've been to other new stadiums. I do like that it's closer to the train.