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Thursday, April 23, 2009
Seven Comments

1. Michael Oren would be a good choice for Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.

Dore Gold would be the best choice.

2. The Obama and Netanyahu administrations likely will clash, just as the U.S. has clashed with every Likud government except for Ariel Sharon's - and even Bush and Sharon at times had strong disagreements. But the gleeful manner with which Israel's detractors - including, particularly Haaretz - portray any inconsequential divergence of views presents a gross distortion of reality.

3. Yes, Haaretz is among Israel's leading detractors. It is not a pro-Israel newspaper with a particular political viewpoint. It is a newspaper in Israel that deplores Israel and has for most of Israel's existence.

With a tiny circulation, Haaretz's influence is primarily felt outside of Israel, based solely on its disdain for Israel.

4. I have no confidence that the Jets will have a good draft. Indeed, I am bracing for some bizarre decisions and perhaps a stupid trade or two that Woody Johnson will foolishly think will stimulate PSL sales.

5. Apparently Sean Avery took two bad penalties last night. At MSG, we all were certain the penalties were bogus, and chanted a seven letter word to describe our sentiments about the ref.

Assuming the calls were good, Avery deserves criticism, but not the vicious attacks in the media that he's getting.

6. In a very depressed market, the Mets signed journeymen Alex Cora and Tim Redding for $2 million and $2.25 million, respectively. Then they couldn't find any more money to sign Garret Anderson, who the Braves picked up for a bargain at $2.5 million - or solid lefty relievers Joe Beimel ($2 million) or Will Ohman ($1.35 million).

Paying $12 million to Oliver Perez didn't help either.

Redding, by the way, is - even when healthy - no better than Nelson Figueroa, who is now leaving the Mets organization.

Of course, the Mets front office is run by Omar Minaya, who kindly provided both the Marlins and the Padres closers with fastballs in the high 90's - Matt Lindstrom and Heath Bell - without asking for anything back.

7. How does Lawrence Frank still have a head coaching job?