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Monday, April 27, 2009
Your Hockey Dollars At Work

Sean Avery received a six game suspension for his "sloppy seconds" comments.

Donald Brashear received a five game suspension (but no penalty) for elbowing Blair Betts in the head, causing broken bones in Betts' face on a cheap shot well after Betts had sent the puck down ice. (Brashear got a sixth game for a pre-game incident.)

Speaking of Avery, John Tortorella's Game 5 benching of Avery was a moronic decision. In the playoffs, you go with your best players. Avery took a couple of careless penalties; he didn't hit anyone in the head. In Game 6, a seemingly neutered Sean Avery was on the ice, afraid to finish his checks and hit anyone lest he be called for another penalty.