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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Dealing With The Obama Threat

President Obama and his administration represent an existential threat to the future of the Jewish presence in all post-1967 areas, including in Jerusalem.

Obama will likely, over the course of the next few years, try to impose a de facto final status agreement under which Israel would withdraw to the '67 borders, with very minor modifications.

The Netanyahu government must preempt those attempts by setting forth its red lines. While Israelis want peace and are prepared to make significant concessions for real peace, they are not amenable to making concessions so that Judea and Samaria can resume being a base of terror against Israel.

There is also a solid majority among Israelis for keeping the Old City of Jerusalem under Israeli control, for maintaining the Jordan Valley as Israel's eastern border, and for annexing the large settlement blocs.

But it will be up to Netanyahu to express his policies in a manner that most Israeli support.

Among American Jews, the question remains whether there will be any real opposition to the Obama Administration. American Jews are, overall, much more supportive of Israel and skeptical of bogus peace processes than is generally acknowledged.

But among the vast majority of American Jews, there is presently little mainstream leadership expressing even mild concern over Obama's policies. Likely, if any opposition to Obama is ultimately heard, it will start and grow at the grassroots level.