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Sunday, June 07, 2009
Netanyahu's Speech and American Jewish Support Of Israel

Two of my recent predictions have been proven accurate today. First, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he will set forth his diplomatic policy next week. The speech will reportedly occur next Sunday at Bar-Ilan University.

This is good news; it will give Netanyahu a chance to set forth the concessions concerning settlement construction and the "two-state" plan that Israel can make, while also clarifying Israel's red lines in negotiations. This will provide an opportunity for Netanyahu to solidify support within Israel.

Second, as I predicted would happen, American Jews who are not known for their support of Yesha are nevertheless expressing their opposition to President Obama's sharp turn away from Israel.

This is easily evident from a peruse of the blogosphere, but more notable is an article by liberal Democrat hack Lanny Davis in tomorrow's Washington Times, in which Davis writes:

Most alarming to me were the negative perceptions of the speech that I heard over the weekend from American Jews who are the liberal Democrats in the president's political base and support a two-state solution and a freeze on settlements...

In his speech, the president seemed to compare the plight of the Palestinians to that of American black slaves before the Civil War. This was seen by many American Jews as both inaccurate and insulting. The president failed to note that Israel does not treat Palestinians in any way comparable to the brutality of Southern slave owners and taskmasters...

The president entirely and inexplicably omitted in his speech any reference to Hamas and Hezbollah, two organizations that have attacked and killed thousands of innocent Israeli civilians and that the U.S. has long declared terrorist. This was so surprising to me that I didn't believe it until I read and reread the speech.
Does Obama want to lose Florida in the 2012 election? If not, he might want to find out what the majority of Jews feel about Israel bashing, rather than rely on the nonsense expressed by those elites who lobby for Palestine.