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Thursday, June 11, 2009
Sounds From The 4 Train

After a morning court appearance in Brooklyn, I headed to my office via the 4 train.

I sat toward the front of the last car. Over the next 35 minutes (train congestion ahead), until I got off at Grand Central, from the back of the car, came the following sounds:

"Yo, honey, why don't you come here, 'n sit on my lap."

"C'mon b****. What you afraid of? You never have a real man before?"

"Hey granny. Sit yo a** down. Old people can't be doing s*** like that."

"Hymie, you know I'm Hitler's best friend. I'm gonna come and kill you, m***********."

"Why don't you look at me, f***** Jew. You know I cut you, right?"

"Me and Hitler is gonna kill all 'da Jews."

While this was going on, I calmly read the newspaper and answered e-mails on my Blackberry.