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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
The Truth About Settlements That Nathan Jeffay Won't Report

Two weeks ago, The Forward's Nathan Jeffay falsely reported that Israeli "public sympathy for settlers and the settlements is currently at an all-time low." As I demonstrated then and have continued to since, Jeffay's assertion is completely baseless, likely motivated by his and his newspaper's political bias.

The latest polls show that not only is Israeli support for settlements not "at an all-time low," but that it has steadily increased since Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Mitchell begin their jihad against them.

As a poll published today in Yisrael Hayom shows, 58 percent of Israeli oppose a halt to settlement construction, while 30 percent support a complete freeze.

Unfortunately, objective news reporting based on fact has been replaced by advocacy-based news, which is why Jeffay and The Forward won't report the reality that does not comport with their own slant.

Hopefully, Jeffay will soon find his true calling as a blogger, and The Forward will replace him with a real reporter.