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Thursday, July 30, 2009
30 Years After Tisha B'Av 1979

A little less than three hours remain in the 25 hour Tisha B'Av fast day.

My family spent the summer of '79 in Jerusalem. I was six years old. On Tisha B'Av (which I think fell out on a Thursday that year too), at around 4 a.m., my father was rushed to the hospital.

In the morning, I decided to say tehilim (Pslams) for my father's recovery. Only I mistakenly did so while sitting on a chair - in breach of tradition that we not sit on chairs until the afternoon of the fast day. I felt guilty and was worried that G-d would be upset with me and take it out on my father.

As I recall, my father was hospitalized for most of the day with a kidney stone, and was released around mid-afternoon.

The next morning, we received The Jerusalem Post, which reported that on Tisha B'Av, Thurman Munson had died in a plane crash.