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Sunday, July 19, 2009
OU At The White House

For several generations, the Orthodox Union has set a high standard in its kosher certification of food products.

If the White House caters an event and wants to serve kosher food, then by all means, the OU should be present and play a prominent role.

Meeting with President Obama is different. Last week's fiasco, at which the OU's president had nothing substantive to say to Obama about his antagonism toward Israel, was a betrayal of the public the OU purports to represent.

Nothing about Israel's rights to Jerusalem. Nothing about the real nuances of Jewish life in Judea and Samaria. No unapologetic expression of support for the government of Israel led by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The pareve (pun intended) press release the OU put out after the meeting was even more pathetic.

This is not a personal criticism of OU President Stephen J. Savitsky - who attended on behalf of the OU - nor of the OU's other leaders. They are all good people who have devoted themselves to the community.

But when it comes to politics they have no leadership skills whatsoever.

Nor can they be allowed to delude themselves - and us - that occasional access to the White House has any correlation with even minimal impact on policy.

We desperately need new leaders to emerge.