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Monday, August 10, 2009
Bobby V and the Limits Of Stupidity

The Mets are terrible. Injuries or not, over the last four seasons - yes, I am including 2006 - they have underachieved more than any team in baseball, if not all of professional sports. They have a bloated payroll filled with apathetic players. Their GM consistently gives away young talent for nothing. His two managers have both been mediocre at best; albeit the current manager is more likable.

I have been pleading for the return of Bobby Valentine for five years now, since the end of the awful Art Howe era (not that anyone has been listening). I was against his firing after the 2002 season, but understood it. 2002 was a bad year, and after 6 1/2 seasons, it could be argued that it was time for a change.

During these past five years, two reasons have routinely been given for why Bobby V could not come back - both equally stupid. The first: He loves it in Japan and will never leave Japan. That argument was always total nonsense, but now it is obviously irrelevant since this will be Valentine's last season in Japan.

The second reason endures: The Mets need to look toward the future, not the past. I have heard this from friends, from know-it-alls everywhere, and from numerous alleged sports commentators.

Cito Gaston can come back to the Blue Jays. Phil Jackson can come back to the Lakers. Sean Avery could come back to the Rangers. Heck, Bonny Bonilla came back to the Mets.

But Bobby V is a part of the past, so he can't be part of the future.

Hey wait, didn't Omar Minaya leave, and then come back to the Mets?

The Mets have to fire Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel after this season. Minaya should be replaced by either Gerry Hunsicker or Billy Beane.

The only possible replacement for Manuel is Bobby Valentine. Who else out there would have a baseball mind even close to his? And precisely because of Valentine's very strong personality, he will be able to shift the focus to himself and alleviate some of the pressure on the players.

It's so obvious, which is why it probably won't happen.

After all, why go back to the past, to a time when a slightly above average team went to the World Series?