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Monday, August 10, 2009
Rabbi Joseph Schick

From 1926 until his sudden death on Purim (which fell out on St. Patrick's Day) 1938, my grandfather, Rabbi Joseph Schick, served as rabbi of the West Side Jewish Center and as principal of its Hebrew school. The West Side Jewish Center still exists at the very same location at 347 West 34th Street, but there does not appear to be any evidence in the shul of my grandfather's existence; nor has there been for many years.

Rabbi Joseph Schick appears to have been a prominent rabbi in New York City during those twelve years. He authored at least two books and was quoted in the New York Times on various topics including, among others, his Rosh Hashanah sermons, the importance of keeping the Jewish Sabbath, the 1929 mass murder in Chevron and other Arab atrocities, and a defense of New York's governor against charges of anti-Semitism.