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Monday, September 21, 2009
Bobby V - The Time Is Now

Despite their impressive two-game winning streak against the Nats, the 65-85 New York Mets cannot bring Jerry Manuel back as manager. Injuries took a major toll this season, but not so huge to warrant the team playing completely listless baseball.

Bobby Valentine - the man who completely turned the Mets around in the late 90's - is a free agent. Valentine, who led the Mets to five straight winning seasons before being fired after going 75-86 in 2002 - a record better than the 2009 Mets will finish with.

This is an opportunity that will not arise again.

Here's what the Mets have to do: On October 4, as soon as the game ends, let Manuel and his staff go, and announce the return of Bobby V. Only this can end the malaise that surrounds the Mets.