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Sunday, September 13, 2009
Week 1

1. From the first set of downs it was evident that this is a new era. The frequent blitzes and the aggressive playcalling on both sides of the ball even during the 4th quarter were a marked contrast from the Eric Mangini and Herm Edwards regimes.

2. Mark Sanchez showed excellent pocket presence and demonstrated both poise and accuracy on key third downs. In addition to his interception, he was fortunate that two other passes were not picked off.

3. The pass protection was excellent, as was Brian Schottenheimer's game plan.

4. Teams will likely continue to put eight defenders in the box and force the Jets to beat them in the air.

5. Needless to say, shutting out the Houston offense on the road was outstanding. David Harris was a force on defense, and Darrelle Revis must been pretty good considering how invisible Andre Johnson was.

6. Rex Ryan needs to lose weight.