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Monday, September 21, 2009
Week 2

A few brief observations, mainly based on watching replays and looking at the box score:

1. Last November, with the Jets up by seven and Patriots deep in their own territory and out of timeouts, Eric Mangini decided to go into a prevent defense. The result was a tying touchdown with one second left.

Yesterday in a similar situation, replays showed the Jets blitzing on the Patriots' final plays.

Through two games, willingness to blitz marks the biggest contrast between the current coaching staff and its predecessor.

2. I'm not among the Mangini bashers, but another major difference in yesterday's game was the Jets' second-half domination. It seemed that often in the Mangini years, the Jets would get off to a fast start, and then play not to lose in the second half. Yesterday, the Jets adjusted well, particularly in allowing Mark Sanchez to throw the ball.

3. The Jets are off to a great start, but let's not forget that in 2000, the 16 game Al Groh era started off 4-0 - including an exciting week 2 home win over the PatriotS.