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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Week 6

1. The tease that was the 2009 Jets evaporated quickly. Now I can freely make vacation plans for January.

2. Mark Sanchez was dreadful, forcing pass after pass. He looks like someone who could use a season of mentoring.

3. Sanchez obviously misses Jerricho Cotchery.

4. Dustin Keller looked terrible, appearing clueless and totally out of sync with Sanchez on play after play.

5. In partial defense of Sanchez, not only was Keller horrible, but the Jets only had one legit WR playing today, and he's been on the team for 11 days. There are a number of average veteran WRs available, which makes inexcusable the neglect of the WR position by GM Mike Tannenbaum.

6. Hype aside, the Jets pass rush is at best mediocre.

7. Kris Jenkins looks like he will be gone for the season, which will make the run defense mediocre too.

8. The penalties on offense and special teams were disgraceful.

9. So were the repeated miscues on special teams.

10. Rex Ryan's clock management late in the first half was poor.

11. The Braylon Edwards trade doesn't look too good. Edwards has been fine - though he had a fairly quiet game today - but the Jets are not a contender, and non-contenders can't repeatedly toss draft picks aside like Tannenbaum has.

12. In what is likely my last season as a season ticket holder (thanks, Woody) I still get an adrenaline rush as I drive toward the stadium, but overall going to the games is less exciting for me than it was even a few years ago. I'm not even too upset about today's loss; I was more annoyed that my longstanding shortcut exiting the stadium resulted in my being completely fenced in and having to walk all around the stadium to get to my car. Fortunately, there was no traffic coming home.