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Thursday, November 26, 2009
The Curb Seinfeld Reunion

Back when nobody was watching Seinfeld - when it was on Wednesday nights as a mid-season fill-in - I was its biggest fan. As had been the case with other unusual shows like Sledge Hammer, I don't think I convinced more than one or two people to watch Seinfeld prior to its shift to Thursday night after Cheers ended its run. Most who did watch in the early days thought the show was slow-paced and boring.

Alas, popularity caused Seinfeld to go from irreverent to bizarre and unrealistic - though for a while it remained a great show. But I found the last few seasons to be disappointing, with the main characters all turned into complete caricatures.

For that reason especially, I thought the last two episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm were a rare delight. The fake reunion show was not great in itself, though it wasn't bad either. But watching the old cast perform together - and the banter between Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander - was a pleasant blast from the past.

Having said that ...

Who would have expected that more than 11 years after its finale, "having said that" would become a new classic Seinfeld line?