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Monday, November 23, 2009
Israel's Release Of 1,000 Terrorists

There is a tendency among those with partisan political views to bash what their political opponents were ready to do, and subsequently support (or at least acquiesce in) similar positions by politicians whom they support.

For this reason, I feel compelled to clearly state that the impending release of hundreds of murderers in exchange for Gilad Shalit is an act of pure madness on the part of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the government he leads.

Everyone will be happy to see Shalit return home and for his tragic ordeal to come to an end. But Shalit's return is only part of the story. The deal makes a mockery of Israel's legal system, callously disregards the pain and suffering of those murdered by terrorists, boosts the morale of the terrorists, and calls into question the purpose of the IDF operations to capture the very terrorists who are now being released - operations in which numerous IDF soldiers were killed or wounded. Most ominously, the release of the leading terrorists makes it very likely that it is only a matter of time until the next round of mass murder of Jews commences.