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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Mumbai A Year Later, Netanyahu and Submission to Terror

The day before Thanksgiving last year brought the reports of the Mumbai attacks. Later in the day were the initial concerns about those in Nariman house. By evening things had become ominous. Thanksgiving brought all kinds of contradictory reports, and the news that Moshe Holtzberg had survived. Watching Indian TV on that Thursday and Friday was extremely frustrating, with the anchors and reporters in Mumbai having no idea of - and very little if any interest in - the fate of the Chabad shluchim and their guests. The horrible confirmation of their murders was at once both shocking and a confirmation of what we all already knew - absent a miracle - would be the result.

Just thinking about those few days is chilling. Is there anyone who today would free the lone surviving terrorist operative? If those who masterminded the Mumbai massacres were caught, would they ever be let go under any circumstances?

What has become of Israel, a country that went from leading the international fight against terror to becoming the leading appeaser of terror?

Is it a coincidence that 33 years after Yoni Netanyahu symbolized Israel's refusal to submit to the demands of terrorists, that his younger brother, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, now is ready to acquiesce to much harsher demands?

Consider Binyamin Netanyahu's words in his Foreword to Self-Portrait Of A Hero - From The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu:
The death of a brother cut down in his prime is traumatic in every way; it changed my life and directed it to its present course. But the impact of a loss of a brother is a distant second to the greatest agony of all, the death of a son. Over the years, as I have visited agonizing parents who have lost their children in battle or to bouts of savage terrorism, I have grieved for them as I grieved for my parents.
Prime Minister Netanyahu nobly wants to save Noam and Aviva Shalit from the agony suffered by his parents and the parents of many other Israelis. But in doing so, he is virtually assuring agony to many more parents in Israel.