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Sunday, November 01, 2009
Week 8

1. The Jets have become a team that finds ways to lose. Both Dolphins games and the Bills game were games the Jets should have won. Today the Jets outplayed Miami on both offense and defense, and the crowd was loud and into the game.

2. Rex Ryan was terrible today. He has to challenge the fumble even if he's not sure. His first two-point conversion attempts were ill-advised. His timeout before the late 3rd quarter attempt was idiotic. The fade (probably Brian Schottenheimer's playcall) following the timeout to Braylon Edwards was a very low percentage pass.

3. During the first half, Mark Sanchez looked like he was playing not to make a mistake, constantly underthrowing passes and never going downfield to Jerricho Cotchery or Braylon Edwards.

Obviously a lot of that is Sanchez's fault, but it doesn't help that the Jets have now inexplicably adopted Herm Edwards' philosophy of "every drive that ends in a kick is a good drive."

4. During the first half, Schottenheimer appeared to be more focused on tricking the Dolphins defense than on executing offensive plays. The most egregious example: Sending three receivers on the right, then running left.

5. Alan Faneca has been very disappointing in pass protection.

6. I did not like the playcalling on the final series. The Dolphins looked exhausted. I'd have run at least on 2nd down.

7. Jay Feely's kickoff on Ted Ginn's first TD return was awful.

8. The Dolphins punting was far better than the Jets, and helped Miami keep the first half at 3-3.

9. Halfway into his second season, Vernon Gholston is useless.

10. Marathon Sunday is always the best day to drive to a game.