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Friday, December 04, 2009
Week 13

1. Bad job by the Jets not letting Kellen Clemens throw the ball when he entered the game to get loose and force the Bills to respect the run. Giving the Bills a chance to win the game was foolish. If the coaching staff has so little confidence in Clemens, why is he the backup QB?

That said, Clemens didn't look good at all, and his fumble deep in Jets territory (fortunately recovered by D'Brickishaw Ferguson) was inexcusable. Clemens did throw a very nice pass to Jerricho Cotchery.

2. Rex Ryan was ridiculous ripping Mark Sanchez during the post-game press conference. Scrambling on 3rd down, Sanchez was absolutely right to go for a first down. He would not have gotten the first down had he slid and he may have gotten hurt anyway.

The bottom line is that while Sanchez needs to be smarter about not running right into linebackers and defensive lineman, Ryan needs to understand that football is a violent sport and that injuries are inevitable.

3. Alan Faneca is aging badly. With three years left on his contract and an $8 million salary, the Jets should take advantage of 2010 likely being an uncapped year and consider cutting him this offseason.

4. The Jets still don't seem to know how to win. Sanchez imagined pressure that wasn't there when he badly missed a wide open Cotchery in the end zone. Ryan seemed to think Braylon Edwards' horrible drop was hilarious. David Clowney also needs to hang on to the ball in the end zone.

5. Sanchez did come back with nice passes to Cotchery and Edwards - as well as the throw that Clowney couldn't hang on to.

6. Clueless gushing by the NFL Network announcers over Brad Smith, who supposedly is the new Jim Thorpe. Smith has four catches this season, and one career completed pass. He's a good special teams player, nothing more.

7. Indeed, the Jets still only have two receivers.

8. Seeing Solomon Wilcots last night reminded me how much I don't miss him on CBS - where he hasn't seemed to announce Jets game this season. Of course, Wilcots was sure to submit his absurd "report" that Sanchez was going to try to come back and play on two knee braces.