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Saturday, January 02, 2010
The End Of An Era

After 16 seasons in section 119, tomorrow night will be my last game - not only in Giants Stadium - but, at least for now, as a Jets season ticket holder.

I'm excited about going to tomorrow night's game, even though it will be around 20 degrees and very windy, and I'll probably arrive home close to 2 a.m.

And even though my gut tells me that unless the Bengals rest their starters - not just Carson Palmer, but most of their starters - the Jets will lose.

Though I think it's a great place for watch a football game, even after all these years, Giants Stadium doesn't have much sentimental value to me - in sharp contrast to the way I feel about Shea Stadium. But I will miss the season tickets, the habit of going to just about every home game.

I'm glad that my last game will be a meaningful one - even if it's just to make or miss the playoffs.

Tomorrow night will be memorable. Over the years, there have been more bad memories than good ones, like Dan Marino's fake spike in '94 right near my seats. A loss tomorrow will be talked about years for now by those who will freeze for hours and scamper exhausted into work on Monday.

Hopefully tomorrow will join my good memories of Giants Stadium - like the Jets vs. Jacksonville playoff game 11 years ago, the Jets vs. Packers game in 2002, the Monday Night Miracle win over the Dolphins in 2000, and the victory over the Raiders on the 10th of Teves fast day in 2006.