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Monday, January 11, 2010
The New Qualcomm Plan

I just acquired a pair of Jets vs. Chargers upper deck tickets at the 15-20 yard line for the bargain price of $160 each. The seller erroneously listed the game as being on January 16, reducing the number of searches that found his post.

I'll be going with an old friend, Steve, with whom I worked at my first full-time job out of law school. In fact, his office was right next to mine. He now lives in San Diego, and generously offered to pick me up at the airport before the game and park at a trolley station, from where we could catch a trolley to the stadium. Then he'll drive me to Pacific Beach after the game.

My wife and children will take a taxi from the airport to Pacific Beach, from where we'll rent a car on Monday.

While I'm at the game, my wife and sons will be at a beachfront condo (picture from the living room above).

Now that I've spent $320, my wife will surely acquiesce.