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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Two other comments in response to two of Elster's, now that I've set up blogging via e-mail:

1. While not among the most talented teams in the NFL, I agree with Elster that phan's frequent statements that the Jets are mediocre at best have been proven inaccurate. Certainly phan's recent statement that this is the Jets' least talented playoff team was wrong.

Of course, phan is certainly pleased by the Jets' back to back playoff wins.

2. Elster expressed sympathy with the arrested Jets fan missing the game. That was indeed unfortunate, but is trivial compared with being arrested. He was in jail for around 20 hours. Who knows how this may affect his job prospects and otherwise impact his life. And he was one of many who were arrested.

Some segments of society are anti-police. Frum people seem to instinctively support law enforcement.

We are supposed to live in a free society, with constitutional rights. Jets fans have a right to assemble at Qualcomm Stadium and participate in J-E-T-S chants. Any cop who thinks otherwise belongs in the Tehran PD.
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