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Thursday, February 18, 2010
Sports Musings

1. I don't know anything about the Winter Olympics; nevertheless, let me be the first to say this: Lindsey Vonn's constant kvetching about her injury was not cool.

2. 30 years ago, as a 7 year old, I watched the entire Winter Olympics, home sick with the flu for nearly three weeks. I probably would have become a sports addict regardless, but watching the thrilling performances of the US hockey team and speedskater Eric Heiden didn't help.

3. Is spring training the right time to call for Bobby Valentine's return to Flushing, or must we wait for Opening Day?

4. Mets fans are so pessimistic about 2010 that I expect the Mets to do better than most of us expect. The Mets will probably tease us with an 83 or 84 win season, hanging on to the periphery of the wildcard race until mid-September. Then, Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya will express regret about those unfortunate injuries that caused the Mets to come up a bit short, and assure us that they will be hard at work to build a "championship-caliber" team.

5. I'm skeptical about the media hype regarding Chad Pennington returning as backup to Mark Sanchez. Sure, Pennington would be a perfect mentor, and could step in if Sanchez misses games due to injury. But Pennington will have better opportunities, and the Jets can only sign one unrestricted free agent for each one they lose. With very limited ability to sign free agents, the Jets will have other needs to address prior to backup QB.

6. Recently released by the Jags, Torry Holt would be perfect as the Jets #3 WR. Since he was released, the Jets could sign Holt without regard to the free agency restrictions.

7. Bruce Ratner bought a Nets team that went to the NBA Finals twice in a row and in just a few years, turned it into one of the worst teams in sports history. Whether via karma, divine retribution, or simply bad luck, Nets fan can only hope that Ratner's real estate empire has a similar fate.

Still, no 5-49 team has ever had a brighter future than the Nets.