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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Considering Netanyahu's Response

There is nothing for Israel - nor for Prime Minister Netanyahu's government - to gain from an open confrontation with the Obama Administration.

Nevertheless, Obama himself has now picked a fight with Israel. Likely, Netanyahu's response will come in the morning. It should take into account the following:

1. Most Americans support Israel.

2. Barack Obama strongly dislikes Israel and wants to bring down the Netanyahu government. For this reason, whenever he believes it to be timely, he will strike harshly at Israel, like he has done this week.

3. Those advising Obama, especially Rahm Emanuel, ignorantly think that Israel is deeply divided over construction in "East" Jerusalem and that Netanyahu will emerge badly damaged as a result of Obama's humiliation of him.

4. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Israelis support the government's policy on Jerusalem. In particular, there is almost nobody in Israel who opposes Jewish housing in a place like Ramat Shlomo - which is not even located in "East" Jerusalem.

5. The overwhelming majority of Israelis also know that Obama has only disdain for Israel, while Syria, Iran and the Palestinian Authority are treated with great deference and respect by him.