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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
The Legend Of Jim Craig

As evidenced over the last couple of weeks, these days Jim Craig is the most celebrated star of the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team - topping even Mike Eruzione.

Just after those Olympics, Craig won his debut for the Atlanta Flames.

That game was the highlight of his NHL career.

There were no more SI covers or Coke commercials with his Dad.

The Flames moved to Calgary after the 79-80 season. America's hero was not so marketable in Canada. Craig was traded to his hometown Bruins, with whom he was mediocre.

Then there were a bunch of injuries, a car accident and an arrest. It seemed to make sense for the Rangers - led by GM Craig Patrick and head coach Herb Brooks - to give Craig a shot. But that never happened.

Jim Craig's NHL career ended with a record of 11-10-7.

If Craig didn't quite fade into obscurity, he came pretty close. There wasn't much news about him in the mid-late 80's, except that his father - the one who he memorably searched for after the goal medal victory over Finland - died. More sad news about Jim Craig.

Every few years there would be a piece about Jim Craig having become anonymous, living the simple life, and liking it a lot better that way.

Around 2001, ESPN featured Craig on its SportsCentury series. I tuned in wondering what happened to him. He seemed okay, making a living as sort some of businessman. That was good to see; indeed, a relief.

Then came the HBO documentary about the 1980 team, followed by the untimely death of Herb Brooks in a car accident and Disney's release of 'Miracle.'

Suddenly there was nostalgia for the 1980 team, and for Jim Craig - especially every four years during the Winter Olympics.

And now all we remember about Jim Craig are those amazing two weeks in Lake Placid when he was 22 years old.