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Thursday, March 25, 2010
Staying Calm Amidst Obama's Betrayal

With a hostile and nasty administration in Washington until either 2013 or 2017, these aren't easy times for Israel and its supporters. That our so-called "leaders" are completely ineffectual adds to a strong sense of frustration.

There is no reason to downplay the damage that Obama has done to Israel. But it's important to keep some things in perspective.

No buses were blown up in Israel during these past two weeks. Israelis have safely gone out to eat, drink, pray and assemble.

During the early days of this blog, there were so many times that I'd post - or start to draft something that I ended up not finishing - about bus bombings, cafe bombings, road shootings.

Then, there was good reason for despair and rage. Mass murder of Israelis was routine. Today, thankfully, it isn't.

A lot of people in this country strongly support Israel. Unfortunately, the president and those in his administration do not. But with resolve, wisdom and the leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu - and hopefully some help from its supporters here - Israel can get through the difficult times and endless crises that will occur during the course of the Obama administration.