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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Justice For Sholom Rubashkin

Sholom Rubashkin was convicted of serious crimes involving financial fraud, for which prosecutors are seeking a life sentence.

It is taken for granted that Rubashkin is definitely guilty. After all, he received a trial in a court of law.

Judge Linda Reade presided - and will sentence Rubashkin. The 60 comments about Judge Reade on The Robing Room - a website with comments about federal judges - tell a disturbing story about the state of the criminal justice system. Here are a few:

-August 18, 2006 - "Dominated by her insecurities. Can be very rude and perfunctory. Seems to take pleasure in trying to embarrass criminal defense attorneys even in front of the jury. A judge to avoid if at all possible."

-September 9, 2006 - "Exceptional harsh sentencer - very pro government - they win everything."

-February 4, 2007 - "Is a puppet for the Department of Injustice. Post Booker has never exercised her discretion to vary on behalf of a defendant- thus creating a de facto unconstitutional sentencing scheme. Does whatever a AUSA wants her to do - she is like a 2nd prosecutor in the courtroom...loves law enforcement- neither they not the US Attorneys can do any wrong - a total rubberstamp for the prosecutors."

-January 16, 2008 - "I am a retired trial lawyer. This judge is strongly biased in favor of the government. There is no way that she is acceptable in a criminal case. I witnessed her wrath on a young drug user and she gave him 35-plus years. This is outrageous and she should be impeached."