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Sunday, May 02, 2010
Neturei Karta, Moral Equivalence and VIN

Vos Iz Neias presents a disturbingly balanced obituary of Moshe Hirsch, the fanatical Neturei Karta leader, who died today.

The VIN obit begins by explaining that people come in "different shades of gray." Failing to understand the difference between negotiating with murderers (which is indeed morally wrong and politically foolish) and actively supporting murderers, VIN writes that "the government of Israel vilified R. Hirsch, but eventually, they too sat down with Arafat and other Palestinians who had blood on their hands."

Hirsch is described as having "many remarkable qualities ... that we can all learn from." The man who supported the PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah's mass murder of innocent Jewish civilians is reported to have "had a remarkable amount of Ahavas Yisroel."

This is completely warped and must be objected to.

We are not God, and cannot decide what Hirsch's fate should be in the next world. But we should be able to understand that a Jew who dedicated his time on earth to support of those who kill other Jews lived a loathsome and evil life.