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Thursday, June 03, 2010
The Flotilla

I have thoughts about the Flotilla controversy - but lack the energy and/or the motivation to post in detail. Instead, some quick comments:

1. To the extent anybody in Israel should be blamed, it is Ehud Barak. As Chief of Staff, Prime Minister and Defense Minister, he has been responsible for one fiasco after another. This one is mild compared to previous ones.

2. The fallout from the Flotilla has little to do with the nine fatalities, or with the Gaza blockade - and a lot to do with the war being waged against Israel's legitimacy.

3. Precisely for this reason, President Obama is a potential strategic threat to Israel, because he seems to see Israel as the bad guy.

4. The commandos fought very well.

5. There was definitely a PR failure in the first hours - as usual I was up in middle of the night and checked the news - but Israel has since gotten its message across to those interested in the truth.

6. Otherwise, if you haven't already, watch We Con The World, this excellent satirical video.