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Monday, September 20, 2010
Week 2

1. The Jets looked headed for a blowout loss after being dominated early in the game and being fortunate to be behind only 7-0. Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards then came up big in the Jets' second quarter touchdown drive.

2. After the Jets got the ball back, despite the offense clicking, they foolishly ran the ball on 3rd and long, giving the ball back to New England late in the quarter. Predictably, the Patriots quickly scored a touchdown.

3. The Jets ensuing field goal drive was key. Nick Folk's 49 yard kick gave the team and the fans confidence entering into halftime, despite the four point deficit.

4. The Jets' defense - and Antonio Cromartie especially - looked a lot better in the second half after the departure of Darrelle Revis. The huge gaps in middle of the field closed, and Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez didn't do much in the second half.

5. The Jets defensive line still can't get much QB pressure, but they continue to stuff the run.

6. On offense, Dustin Keller, LaDainian Tomlinson and Sanchez were outstanding in the second half. When Santonio Holmes arrives in week 5, the Jets will have numerous receiving options.

7. Good call by the Jets going for it on 4th and a foot late in the 4th quarter.

8. Watching the Jets yesterday, it seems likely that last week's offensive debacle was more the fault of the coaching staff than Sanchez. We'll find out next week, when the Jets go on the road to play a tough Dolphins defense.