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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Week 5

The Jets were unable to give away last night's game, which featured some positives and negatives.

First, the good:

-The offensive line played very well. The Jets are still not running very well between the tackles, but they ran for more than 150 yards against a strong Vikings run defense, and protected Mark Sanchez.

-The few times he was given the ball, Shonn Greene played very well in the second half.

-Antonio Cromartie was beaten on a perfect TD pass to Randy Moss, but overall had a strong game, breaking up several passes.

-Nick Folk and Steve Weatherford were both excellent.

-The Jets did not turn the ball over.

Now, the not so good:

-Darrelle Revis played his worst game in a long time. The Jets' secondary seems to have several key plays every game in which they look totally confused. Last night, it came on the TD pass on 3rd and 19 to Percy Harvin. Revis also appeared to blow coverage on several other big plays.

-The Jets blew numerous opportunities down the field, with Mark Sanchez displaying poor accuracy. Dustin Keller didn't get involved in the offense, and Santonio Holmes appeared out of sync with Sanchez.

-Greene needed to get the ball more, especially in the 4th quarter, with the Vikings defense tiring.

-The defense imploded down the stretch, and came very close to blowing the game.

-Vernon Gholston is as invisible as ever.

In the end, every win is crucial, and the Jets go to Denver with a chance to be 5-1 at the bye, rather than facing the possibility of a .500 record if they lose.