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Sunday, October 17, 2010
Week 6

1. This was one of the most unenjoyable Jets wins I can recall. But an unenjoyable win is better than any loss.

2. The refs were lousy today, with numerous dubious calls.

3. Rex Ryan inexplicably failed to challenge the Denver touchdown pass that would have been called back on review.

4. Darrelle Revis was mediocre - and I don't think the problem was his hamstring. He's just a step behind and appears to not completely be in game shape.

5. Antonio Cromartie had another very good game.

6. The Jets are really missing Kerry Rhodes.

7. Mark Sanchez's accuracy was again poor.

8. Kyle Orton is not a rushing QB, which made his 3rd down runs for first downs particularly frustrating. The Jets keep overpursuing and allowing QB's too much open running space in the middle of the field.

9. Shonn Greene again did not get the ball enough.

10. I thought the pass interference call that resulted in the Jets' victory was the right call. The Jets were lucky, as the pass would have probably been incomplete.

11. After a slow start, Matt Slauson has been very reliable at left guard.

12. The Jets' dumping of Danny Woodhead looks worse and worse each week.

13. The Jets' 5-1 start is satisfying. But the 2000 and 2004 Jets both started off 6-1 - and both won some close games in which they played rather poorly. Those teams then faltered down the stretch. The Jets have a lot to improve upon on both sides of the ball.