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Sunday, October 31, 2010
Week 8

This was a dreadful performance by the offense, coaching and special teams.

On offense, Mark Sanchez was again inaccurate, and constantly failed to see open receivers. Those receivers kept dropping passes. The Jets took penalty after penalty. Again Shnonn Greene was not part of the game plan, despite a lackluster performance by LaDainian Tomlinson. The offense turned the ball over three times.

Rex Ryan was equally awful. He wasted two challenges - the second of which - the challenge of the late 2nd quarter interception - made no sense. As a result, he was unable to challenge the 4th quarter interception. The fake punt may have been a good idea - had it not been 4th and 18. Then late in the 4th, Ryan unnecessarily used all three timeouts with around four minutes left.

Brian Schottenheimer's playcalling was poor too - especially in the 4th quarter - particularly the Jets' final drive and the drive that stalled at the Packers 35. He also failed to make any adjustments in the second half - including getting Greene more carries.

The special teams also hurt the Jets. Nick Folk missed a 37 yard field goal, while Steve Weatherford was mediocre. The Jets return game had one good return by Brad Smith, but otherwise didn't do anything.

Overall, the defense played well. But the DL again failed to get any QB pressure.