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Sunday, November 14, 2010
Week 10

The Jets continue accumulating wins despite mediocre play.

Led by Mark Sanchez, the offense made a number of plays but couldn't finish several drives. It didn't help that Nick Folk had a meltdown and appears to be back to his 2009 form. Shonn Greene finally carried the ball 20 times. Greene also looked good catching three passes. Santonio Holmes keeps making big plays.

The defense was awful during the first half, and after making solid halftime adjustments, disappointingly gave up the tying TD in the final minute of the 4th quarter. Once again there wasn't much of a pass rush. Eric Smith looks lost. Ultimately, the Jets were lucky that Chansi Stuckey fumbled the ball in Jets territory during overtime.

The coaching staff made a very dubious move letting the 4th quarter end despite the Jets having the ball, 32 seconds, and two timeouts. Eric Mangini had his team better prepared at the start, but the Browns foolishly tried to win the game with the ball at their own 3 late in overtime. Their first down incompletion set the stage for the Jets to get the ball back with 24 seconds left.

Overall, this was a better performance than the recent wins over Denver and Detroit. The Browns are improving and play hard and physical. Still, the Jets need to do a lot better to be a legitimate contender. They certainly will need a much better performance from Folk, as well as a defense that plays a full game.