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Sunday, November 07, 2010
Week 9

The Jets again won a game they deserved to lose. Horrible penalties, poor playcalling on offense, a fumble by Braylon Edwards, drops by Jerricho Cotchery, terrible coverage by Drew Coleman, and coaching gaffes leading to two wasted timeouts put the Jets in position to lose in the 4th quarter. Fortunately, the Jets were playing the Lions, whose own questionable decisions and bad penalties resulted in an unexpected win.

Right now the Jets offense looks out of sync. On paper the Jets have numerous receiving weapons, but their passing game has been unimpressive. LaDainian Tomlinson looks slower than early in the season, and has not been able to get anything going on runs up the middle.

On defense, Darrelle Revis had his best game of the season. But the Jets' safeties continue to play poorly. The Jets' linebackers are also giving up too many big plays to RBs and TEs over the middle.

If the Jets continue to play and coach the way they are now, they are headed for a second half collapse not unlike the 2008 team that started 8-3 and finished 9-7. If they can get back on track and play with intensity and discipline, their 6-2 start can propel them to an AFC East title and first round playoff bye.