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Sunday, December 19, 2010
Week 15

This was a typically maddening Jets game.

First the good:

1. The Jets won.

2. Brad Smith's touchdown return of the opening kickoff.

3. Braylon Edwards was superb.

4. Steve Weatherford's punting.

5. The offense sustained a number of drives.

6. After the Steelers took a 17-10 lead in the 3rd quarter, the Jets defense tightened until the final drive of the game.

7. Jason Taylor's forced safety.

The not so good:

1. The defense on the Steelers final drive was awful. The 29 yard pass on 3rd and 24 was inexcusable. The Jets were very, very lucky to win. They are consistently awful on 3rd and long. They are also awful in zone coverage, yet played zone for most of the final drive.

2. The Jets looked poised to take a 14-0 lead when a reception by Santonio Holmes at the 5 yard line appeared to give them 1st and goal. But a Matt Slauson holding penalty negated the play and killed the drive. The Jets are wasting a lot of points due to penalties and drops.

3. The Steelers responded by going 96 yards on their next drive, and scoring 17 of 20 points to take a 17-10 lead. The defense gave up four 3rd down conversions on that drive.

4. The offensive package for Brad Smith doesn't work, because Smith is not allowed to ever throw the ball.

5. The playcalling and clock management on the final drive of the 1st half were terrible. There was no reason not to try to get into position for a field goal attempt.

6. Bart Scott is mediocre. He is usually seen mouthing off, pushing and shoving, or committing a dump penalty. He doesn't make many plays.

Overall, a win on the road in Pittsburgh is something to be pleased about. Nevertheless, the Steelers last drive leaves a bad taste. Jets fans know that tonight could have easily been a terrible loss. It helped that Troy Polamalu and Heath Miller were injured.